Minimally invasive
Little to no pain
Walk in/Walk out procedure
Quick procedure

About EVLA

This new procedure is most exciting and involves laser or Radiofrequency therapy to the main saphenous vein trunk in the presence of incompetence through a needle puncture. The procedures is carried out totally under local anaesthesia and in less common cases under general anaesthesia where other complementary surgical treatment is necessary.
This procedure deals with the long and short saphenous systems. EVLA avoids the invasive trauma of surgical stripping. Before choosing any treatment option, it is important to discuss the potential benefits, risks, and side effects with your doctor.

Complications are more common when varicose veins are the result of a problem or disease in the deep veins or in the perforating veins which connect the deep and superficial veins. These underlying conditions may include deep vein thrombosis or chronic venous insufficiency.

The Procedure

Before Treatment

  • Discuss all treatment and alternative options.
  • Conduct an overall health and physical examination of the legs.
  • Mapping the vein, examine the legs with ultrasound and determine the location and state of the greater saphenous vein and other side tributaries.



  1. Administering of local anaesthesia to the treatment site.
  2. Creating a tiny incision through the skin behind the knee and into the vein, using ultrasound guidance.
  3. Inserting catheter into greater saphenous vein.
  4. Inserting tiny catheter fiber, using ultrasound guidance and the Laser’s/ Radiofrequency aiming beam.
  5. Emitting light beam to seal the vein while slowly withdrawing fibre.
  6. Checking with ultrasound to determine success of the procedure.


After Treatment

  • Applying comfort dressings, including a compression bandage and stockings.
  • Walking should be allowed for 20 minutes following the procedure.
  • You may resume normal activities, excluding immediate strenuous workouts.
  • Follow-up post-operatively to ensure occlusion of vein