Where is ALVC  vein clinic located?

We are in the Edgecliff Centre business tower. Suite 313, 203 New South Head Road. Edgecliff. Above Edgecliff railway station and also Aldi carpark which offer 1.5hrs free parking.

How do I make an appointment ?

Please call us 1300 374 376 or email info@alvc.com.au   We will call you back to discuss your needs.

As our centre specialises in diagnosis and treatment of veins. The preferred process is that on your first appointment you should allow 1 hr for a three phase appointment :

  1. Professor Ibrahim will see you for a personal consult
  2. A Doppler ultrasound mapping of your legs will be done by a specialist vascular ultrasonographer onsite and will be reported on immediately.
  3. You will then see the Prof  a second time at the same appointment for explanation of the findings and advice on treatment.

What treatments do you offer?

ALVC vein clinic has been operating for over 12 years. We offer all treatments for varicose, spider and vein disease.  Please visit our website for detailed info www.alvc.com.au

All treatments are done by the Professor and the medical team.

Do you treat spider veins?

Yes we do treat spider veins. We aim to explain by comparison, that the spider veins are the tiny branches of a tree, spider veins are often caused because of disease and pressure in the larger trunks of that tree and so it is important to make sure that the trunks are healthy otherwise just treating the spider veins is not effective and sometimes dangerous in missing warning signs of trunk disease.

Do you offer VenaSeal treatment?

ALVC clinic was the first clinic to offer this treatment and Prof Ibrahim has carried out more VenaSeal treatments to date then any other practitioner. The team has presented results at local and international conferences and instructs other Medicos on the procedure of treatment.

Tell me about the treatments

Treatment for varicose veins is a walk in / walk out procedure which usually takes approximately 1- 1.5hr per leg. There is very minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.  There is no need for a general anaesthetic , hospitilisation and usually no need for any pain relief.  All procedures are done by the Prof and our team in the ALVC clinic with normal activity immediately following the treatment.  We recommend compression stockings to be worn for a short time following  the treatment as a secondary conservative best result measure.

What is the cost of initial Consult before diagnosis?

  • Your first visit and consult with Prof Ibrahim = $240
  • Your medicare rebate is approx = $72.75
  • Your out of pocket cost approx. = $167.25

Please note the above costs are estimates only and are also dependant on your medicare threshold.  We are able to lodge your claim to medicare electronically so that it can be deposited to your account promptly.

What is the cost of Ultrasound / Doppler Mapping? On same day as consult

1 leg mapping = $270

  • Your medicare rebate approx. = $144.10
  • Your out of pocket cost approx. = $125.90

2 leg mapping = $490

  • Your medicare rebate approx. = $230.56
  • Your out of pocket cost approx. = $259.44

Please note the above costs are estimates only and are also dependant on your medicare threshold.

What is the cost of vein treatments after diagnosis ?

The professor will discuss the recommended treatment and costs in detail after diagnosis . There are several different treatments available and the choice of treatment  will depend on your particular care.  As a rough approximate guide all treatments qualify for a medicare rebate however your “out of pocket” costs may range from $600 to $3,000.  Our cost includes no “out of pocket costs” post treatment for  follow up and ultrasounds for 6 months  from the treatment date.

Endovenous treatment involves an expert team of highly skilled clinicians with leading edge equipment . It is costly but a hugely successful treatment modality. We now have hundreds of very happy patients with evidence based results.  Please call us to assist you. Ph:  1300-374-376