Endovenous Treatment for Varicose Veins & Venous Disease.

Our ALVC clinic has been a pioneer of endovenous treatment for venous disease since 2007. We are here to assist you and your patient. We have treated numerous patients with Walk in – Walk out minimally invasive procedures.

We are pleased to inform you of our success using VenaSeal treatment, new to Australia, we have now had 12 months of success with pleasing results. This treatment is now our preferred option for most patients. We continue to offer a full range of radiofrequency, laser and sclerotherapy. Medicare rebates apply for all our treatment options.

Our Results

Patients typically see results in as little as 6 weeks.


A/Prof Nabeel Ibrahim


A/Prof Nabeel Ibrahim

Treatment of venous diseases has been a considerable part of Dr Ibrahim’s portfolio, this included complex surgical procedures for treating varicose veins and complications of venous disease. In 1993 Dr Ibrahim used ultrasound guidance to carry out injection sclerotherapy for deep veins and leaking valves. Most recently Dr Ibrahim has added Endovenous laser and Radio Frequency ablation to his repertoire after studies in Europe and USA have shown that these exciting and innovative treatments are safe, effective, minimally discomfort, minimal scarring and allows for no ’down time’.

Our Clinic

Our clinic is in a convenient location above the Edgecliff Station and with complimentary 1.5hr underground parking.

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